Stevan Popovic

Bucket List (Version 1)

22 May 2017 | Personal

Think about all the experiences and achievements you want to achieve in your life. That’s your bucket list.

Individually, I’ve thought about each of these a reasonable amount. But in a reflective mood I realised I’ve never thought about them all together; how they relate to each other, which are more important, which might be more effective to do whilst I’m still young, how many to I achieve each year, and so on.

With that in mind, I decided to write down my Bucket List which I share below. Why? Mainly because I wanted to keep a personal record, a live doc which I could add to (and check off) as I progress. In fact, I’ve already checked off some of the recent ones ones I’ve done. Second, at some stage I’m going to develop a bit of a strategy around them. For example, the marathons should probably come sooner rather than later in terms of my body. There are some around work and travel require some strategy. (Sidetone - but I’m thinking of using personal OKRs as a means to do this). Third, perhaps someone might see this and help me to achieve one. Who knows.

As much as anything, I want this list to act as somewhere to come back to when I want to prioritise or centre myself. As I try to slow down and say no more often; these are the big things to stride toward.

To do


  • Write a book
  • Be fully in control of my own time
  • Start my own company
  • Be part of a $1bn startup
  • Try angel investing


  • Mixed group ski holiday
  • Road Trip across the US in a school bus that I’ve converted into a fun bus
  • Go to a football World Cup
  • Go to significant national days/festivals in different countries/cities

    • Festival of Lights, Chiang Mai
    • Mardi Gras, New Orleans
    • Waterboarding, Guantanamo Bay
    • Songkran Water Fight, Thailand
    • Holi Festival, India
    • Boryeong Mud Party, South Korea
    • Octoberfest, Munich - Germany
    • Distortion Festival, Copenhagen - Denmark
    • La Tomatina, Valencia - Spain
    • Full moon party, Thailand
    • St Patricks Day, Ireland
    • Venice Carnival, Venice - Italy
    • Day of The Dead, Mexico
    • Carnival, Rio - Brazil
    • Bull Run, Spain
    • Tomorrowland, Belgium
    • Burning Man Festival,
    • Amsterdam Dance Event, Amsterdam - Netherlands
    • Secret Garden Party, UK


  • Build a boat and sail it
  • Build an out-house and host a games night in it (BBQ included)
  • Build a tree house for my kids and host a birthday party
  • Host a boxing day celebration with the families of 4 friends
  • Host a summer party/festival with all me friends, their families and live music
  • Scuba dive
  • Skydive
  • Go to meditation retreat
  • Eat at the top 10 restaurants in the world
  • Listen to he top 100 albums of all time (Rolling Stone)
  • Watch the top 100 films of all time (IMDB)
  • Read the top 100 books of all time (?)


  • Live in another country


  • Complete a marathon
  • Complete an ultra marathon
  • Complete a significant climb
  • Complete a long distance swim
  • Run the Great Wall of China


  • How to cook a specific cuisine really well
  • to Sail
  • a musical instrument
  • another language

Already complete


  • Get a role at a venture-backed startup (June, 2014)


  • Universal Studios, Florida (July, 2015)
  • Go to a football European Championships (June, 2016)
  • Go to significant national days/festivals in different countries/cities

    • Kingsday, Amsterdam - Netherlands (April 25th, 2017)


  • Live in another city (May, 2015)


  • Complete a Toughmudder (October, 2016)