I teach an Introduction to HTML and CSS weekend course with Code at Uni, where I have taught students at LSE, UCL and Nottingham Trent University. Previously, I have also assisted teaching a 10-week Front-End Development course at General Assembly.

Here is what some of my students have said about me:

“Stevan is a brilliant teacher. He makes learning very easy and great fun, even when spending a whole summer weekend indoors. His passion for coding and his ability to create engaging and friendly learning environments make him a rockstar!” - Markus, Student

“Stevan was fantastic teacher, very engaging, knowledgeable and helpful. Can’t recommend him highly enough.” - Student

“I enjoyed the self-learning approach used within the workshop by googling unknown stuff and deploying web sites right away as well as the perfect collaboration between tutors.” - Student

“Stevan has a truly unique teaching style which brims with enthusiasm. I admire his ability to fully engage a class; he’ll often ask questions and encourage discussion between students and coaches and as such, is able to hold the classes attention throughout two full days of intensive learning. He also teaches with incredible accuracy; despite being in the field for two years, I found myself learning many new concepts related to web development.” - Rachel, Colleague

If you would like to hear more about my teaching and have an opportunity in mind, please reach out to me directly hello [at] stevanpopovic [dot] com.

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