Writing Thoughts, Not Words

2 May, 2015 | Personal, Self Growth, Writing

I’ve always said that writing my blog is one of the best ways I have to think. Sitting down to write something forces you to process, think coherently about a subject and often helps to build a real opinion or conviction around that subject.

Recently, I’ve found that I’ve been writing less. This is a shame when I know it is such a great tool for me to think. Part of this is the fact that when writing, I usually want to write in a way that is eloquent in the off chance that someone will actually read my post (very few do). This is often a deterrent however, as it takes more effort and time.

I do not want my main tool of thinking to be masked with a deterrent.

Therefore, I’m taking a new approach; to write my thoughts as opposed to words. This is to say, I will pay less attention as to how I am writing and more attention on what I’m writing. This puts an emphasis on the thinking part and less on the words part. Anyway, I remember Paul Graham said that “to be a good writer you need good ideas”.

By taking this new approach I hope to publish on this site more regularly, which in turn means more thinking and ultimately building greater convictions.

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