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22 Aug, 2020 | Investing

Last month I launched a new side-project called Stock Ideas.

stock ideas

Stock Ideas is a weekly newsletter curating the best original research and stock ideas on the internet. It’s not a recommendation service, but rather I curate the best stuff from Twitter, Substack, blogs and podcasts so that subscribers can get a single dose of stock ideas.

Why This?

There were a few key reasons I was drawn to this idea. First, I know a lot of friends who want to invest their money but don’t know where to start. I thought they could benefit from a newsletter that highlights opportunities.

Second, during lockdown many new people have joined trading and investment platforms. Zero-fee brokerages like Freetrade in the UK and Robinhood in the US have made stocks easily accessible and cool for a new generation of investors. I could see this happening first-hand around me, so I thought there would be a growing group of people who would benefit form this.

Third, more than ever great analysts and thinkers are sharing their thoughts and research for free on Twitter, Substack etc. You could go out and find this yourself, but it takes time and effort to tweak all your feeds. My newsletter fills that gap.

Why Me?

I’ve been investing for 5 years. What started as an experiment has become a real interest. In the last two years, I’ve doubled down on growth investing, focusing on earlier stage public companies with a long growth runway still ahead of them.


What Next?

I’m building in public, so you can follow along on IndieHackers and on Twitter, below:

If you’d like to join the newsletter, you can subscribe at I’ll be glad to welcome you.

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