Singapore, January 2018

12 Jan, 2018 | Personal, Travel

In early January, I spent 5 days in Singapore. We mostly explored the city and enjoyed city life after a couple months of more rough traveling. I also paid a visit to Sentosa Island south of Singapore and Universal Studios.


  • Trees and Greenery - It’s clear that the Singaporean government have tried to create some nature within the city. I was pleasantly surprised to see lots of greenery, trees and flower beds all around the city. Of course, the most famous example is the gardens by the bay/marina.
  • WiFi - Everywhere. And it’s amazing.
  • Airport - Singapore Changi Airport is perhaps the smoothest airport I’ve been through. We were in and out within 15 minutes and it was a completely effortless and hassle-free experience.
  • Rackless Bike Sharing - Bike sharing seemed to work really well here and utilized often by the local people.
  • Designed City - Perhaps each of the above points works together to say that this is a delightfully well-designed city. It works exactly as you would hope a contemporary city does. Some people seem to think of this as a negative, I was warned that Singapore is ‘too perfect’ by other travelers. In my opinion, it’s fantastic. I loved it and I loved that it worked so smoothly in every way.


  • Universal Studios: I loved it. Most hostels or tour agencies can get you a slight discount on the entrance price.
  • Gardens by the Bay: A beautiful garden setup. If you go at the right time there is an evening show of sorts with music and lights.
  • Restaurant: Gordon Ramsay’s Bread Street Kitchen if you (like us) wanted a Sunday Roast.
  • History Museum: The Singapore National museum shows the history and development of Singapore fantastically well. We spent almost a whole day there.


Singapore was a lovely break between some rougher traveling destinations. The city works so smoothly and has a couple of really nice flourishes; the marina, the gardens, china town, history museum etc.

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