1 Jun, 2014 | Personal, Writing

I have never had an explicit purpose for this site. It didn’t feel necessary nor required.

But as I sat down to write another post I began to think about it. Why do I take to the internet to write? What are my intentions? What are the expected outcomes?

At first, the reasons were practical. I wanted to learn how to set up a site. I wanted to experiment with the technology that is so common today. I bought a domain. I played with some HTML and CSS. These were the early steps I took to immerse myself in technology, born out of curiosity and fuelled by enthusiasm.

As this initial thirst for experimentation was satisfied the motive behind the site began to change.

Putting my thoughts into writing forces me to think deeply about what I see in the world around me. This site serves as a pushing mechanism, encouraging me to pause and take the time to think and understand the influence of technology. This site exists for me; a selfish endeavour to blinker my mind.

My intentions are to learn. Through thinking and writing I gain a better understanding of the way technology is working in our lives today. In particular I think about how technology can alter human behaviour, encourage new business models and add value to the world.

It is difficult to state any one expected outcome from this site. At a minimum I hope it will act as a personal log, reflecting growth as I continue to grow.

By sharing my thoughts I hope to amplify my development. There is no more potent tool for my learning than curious, informed and intelligent discussion. By making these thoughts public I wish to attract like minded and enthusiastic thinkers who have similar interests and ambitions. If an interesting discussion, thought provoking relationship or new opportunity was to spawn from sharing a thought here then this site would have been a success.

As technology continues to change the world, I will continue to think and learn from it. This is where you can see me learn out loud.

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