A New Wave Of Internet Entrepreneurs

30 Aug, 2014 | Entrepreneurship

Technology education is empowering a new breed of startup founder.

As technology startups continue to thrive companies have emerged to offer education services for the most in demand tech skills. This is enabling a new type of entrepreneur to level up their skills and build a company.

General Assembly and Makers Academy both offer a twelve week, full time course where graduates gain skills equivalent to an entry-level programmer. Steer run one week courses in focused areas of web development. Udacity and Coursera offer a means of developing the same skills online. All are serving the same purpose: to train people in programming, software development and building websites.

This is giving a new generation of entrepreneurs the opportunity to chase their startup dreams. The combination of technology education and generous frameworks and infrastructure means the barriers to building and launching a powerful website have significantly decreased.

Benji Lanyado is the founder of Picfair. He is a former journalist who enrolled on two GA courses in order to learn web development. With those skills he was able to build a minimum viable product, validate his idea and gain early traction. With some hustle and determination he now has $520k in seed funding, a growing team and a growing company.

Of course, it takes many years of work to become an excellent software developer. With practical technology education however, focused around projects and building rather then mere theory, people are quickly able to understand product requirements, build an MVP and communicate with more senior developers.

This availability of technology education is empowering ambitious people to gain new skills and pursue entrepreneurship. I’m excited to see more passionate founders from a non-technical background grasp this opportunity and build great companies.