Money For Nothing - A Celebration of Creativity & Resourcefulness

18 Sep, 2017 | Entrepreneurship

Rarely do I watch daytime TV and feel the buzz and inspiration of the entrepreneurial spirit. But it just so happened that today, at 4.30pm, I watched  Money For Nothing.

The premise is as follows. Sarah and Jay (below) go to peoples houses and collect items that the owner would otherwise throw away. They then think of ways to repurpose, reuse and redesign those objects with the objective of selling them for a profit. Jay and Sarah will typically carry out the work themselves or recruit some specialist help to execute their idea.

Money for nothing hosts

In the episode I watched, Jay turned two copper saucepans into decorative wall lights. They sold for over £200 and made a profit of more than £100. I was surprised, excited and inspired all at once.

Where someone sees junk, they see potential. Where the owners see old, they see durable raw materials. Through their resourcefulness, creativity and optimism they create value where previously there was none. That, in essence, is the entrepreneurial spirit. It’s a wonderful show. And Sarah and Jay are wonderful entrepreneurs.

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