GA WDI: Week Two

13 May, 2018 | Code, Learning

Last week I described GA’s web immersive course as fast-moving and relentless. Well, it hasn’t slowed down.


This week the course kicked up to another gear as we made a start on the core programming component of the course, Javascript. This is the part that most of us were looking forward to but also fearing at the same time. From the pre-work, Javascript was the toughest part. It has the ability to make you feel both like a genius (“OMG, look what I made the computer do”) and an idiot (“OMG, why doesn’t this work?”).

understanding over time line graph

In learning Javascript, we’ve begun to see that learning isn’t at all linear. Sometimes, you get once concept. But another goes completely over your heard. It’s difficult to say exactly why. But you just have to continue with the belief that eventually, the comprehension will come.


We also had our first session with the outcomes team (GA’s career support function). With almost everyone in the class open to and looking for work as a software developer, we began to think ahead to what sort of company we wanted to work for, what industry and so on.

It was nice to see the kind of interests my fellow classmates each have, as well as the previous experiences they would leverage.

The Satisfaction of Problem-Solving

If Javascript is the tool, problem-solving is the actual skill.

In learning to program you learn to understand a problem, break it down into it’s smallest pieces and attack each individually. It’s been a humbling but enjoyable process to learn this way. Of course, the problems right now are small but challenging nonetheless.

I'm a genius

Personally, I’m already beginning to find great satisfaction in this problem-solving. It can take some real concerted effort to get in the problem headspace and understand how best to approach it. But once you’ve wrestled with a problem for a while and manage to develop a solution, it really is satisfactory.

Where We Are Heading

This week, we visited the cohort above us (WDI-33) to check in on some of their projects. They are in week nine, seven ahead of us, and it was amazing to see what they can already build. The web apps they showed us were complex and well designed. It was inspiring to see the level we could be at in just seven weeks time.

Project 1 - Rock, Paper, Scissors

And with the end of the second week, we had our first project: to build a game of rock, paper scissors. Here is mine below:

rock paper scissors

It takes the players choice based on the click of a button (rock, paper or scissors). It randomly generates a computer choice. Then it outputs a result (win or lose) on the console and changes the scores based on this result. It also logs a win streak at consecutive wins. Bonus - I added a special ‘Houdini’ option that wins no matter what if you get 4 consecutive wins.

Diving into Javascript programming in week two has shown us the power of what this skill set can bring. I’m feeling excited to start applying the concepts to more practical problems and begin using frameworks to level up more quickly.

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