Introducing Everysound

15 Feb, 2015 | Personal

On Thursday night I launched my first startup with Ben. We’re trying to help the music industry work better for young artists trying to get heard. The below is the post we wrote to introduce Everysound.

I think we can all agree music is a pretty special thing. We listen to it on our way to work. We hum along when it comes on the radio. We bounce to it when we’re in a bar. Some of our happiest and saddest moments are with music, from that concert you’ll always remember to that song that you wish you could forget. Music is finding meaning in words, joy in sounds, and emotion in people.

But music is also a complex system; a system that involves artists, writers, producers, publishers, promoters, labels and all the people in between. Any aspiring singer, songwriter or band must attempt to navigate this system to get their sound heard. And this system is changing.

A decade ago, the audiences for aspiring musicians were at open mic nights and small gigs. Artists would hone their skill, night after night, waiting for a chance to be heard on a bigger stage.

But now, the audience is connected, online and global. Through platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo and SoundCloud artists can easily publish and share their music online, with the potential to be heard by millions of users everywhere.

Yet that potential is rarely acheived. Finding undiscovered artists, with the next big sound, remains a huge challenge.

We’re building Everysound to change that. We believe talented but undiscovered artists deserve a chance to be heard. We believe people who are passionate about music should have the chance to find and listen to young artists early on and help shape their sound. We believe the platforms of today should be leveraged to let people discover great new artists, and let artists be heard.

Were new to this, so we’ll be taking baby steps. We’ve just launched the website; if you like finding talented new artists, check it out. Coming soon, we’ll have a weekly newsletter that highlights a selected artist. If you know of someone who wants their sound to be heard, please let us know.

We don’t know everything about the music industry, but we are sure it can be better. In 2015, the world should be open to the music of undiscovered artists. As of today, Everysound is our way of making that happen.

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