Ideas From Cathie Wood

12 Jul, 2020 | People Notes, Investing


A lot of growth in recent years (2000-2010) has been financially manufacturers. Also, these crashes have led to risk aversion in capital markets. More passive investors. Hence, there is an opportunity to invest in the future. Passive investing is backward looking and regresses to the mean. So there is an opportunity to do research and do better. They push their research and use social media (Twitter, LinkedIn) to vett their ideas. They get feedback on where they can be going wrong in their ideas (e.g. Bitcoin community). Some big tech breaks they like: deep learning, mobility as a service (Tesla), robotics and automation, blockchain. Some asset managers who place limits on investments or seek to grow x% per year consistently will be at a strategic disadvantage. They’ll miss opportunities. They think FinTech will be a huge application of technology  (Investing in Disruptive Innovation).

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