Career Change Mindset

21 May, 2020 | Career

People frequently ask me “what was the hardest part about changing career?” An underrated difficulty is the challenge of managing your mindset throughout the process.

Changing career is both exciting and frustrating. Exciting to learn something new and frustrating when you don’t get it right away.

Changing career is both a proud and humbling period. Proud to give something new a go and humbling to have to start again.

Changing career requires both patience and urgency. Patience when allowing new habits to form and new information to set in. Urgency in taking on new tasks and making new connections.

Career change is not instant. It’s a gradual, deliberate and effortful process. It requires a growth mindset and consistency. With a long term outlook and daily application, eventually you’ll look back and impress yourself with how far you’ve come.

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