These are some of the ideas and values I believe to be really important, in no particular order. I wanted a single place to share the beliefs I hold strongly as they pertain to my personal life, career and ambitions. They influence the choices I make, how I am motivated and the way I interact with others.


I find that I gravitate towards people with the following qualities:

Determination. A purpose and willfulness in their approach.

Energy & Enthusiasm. Approach life with gusto and excitement.

Reliability. They do what they say they will when they say they will.

Warmth. A bias toward friendliness, kindness and empathy.

Thoughtfulness. They display a tendency to pause and think.


With the above values in mind, the below make up some principles that I try to practice in my daily life.

Focus on positive habits. This means choosing a few areas to build into my routine. For example, at the moment I am building a daily coding habit.

Maintain a bias for action. A pragmatic approach to work and getting things done.

Kaizen. Focus on small, incremental improvements each day. They add up over time.

Be deliberate. Plan and reflect on some of the more important decisions in life.

Celebrate the wins. We’re all working towards something and we should celebrate accordingly when positive steps are made. This helps to foster momentum and joy in our work.

Offer help and support generously. I do not believe the world is a 0-sum game. We can all benefit from giving and receiving help from those around us. Success is a team sport.

Shamelessly praise. If deserved, give praise generously. Work can be full of enough stresses that to not do so when it is deserved seems unkind.