Stevan Popovic'

Stevan’s Bucket List (Version 1)

May 22nd, 2017

Think about all the experiences and achievements you want to achieve in your life. That’s your bucket list.

Individually, I’ve thought about each of these a reasonable amount. But in a reflective mood I realised I’ve never thought about them all together; how they relate to each other, which are more important, which might be more effective to do whilst I’m still young, how many to I achieve each year, and so on.

With that in mind, I decided to write down my Bucket List which I share below. Why? Mainly because I wanted to keep a personal record, a live doc which I could add to (and check off) as I progress. In fact, I’ve already checked off some of the recent ones ones I’ve done. Second, at some stage I’m going to develop a bit of a strategy around them. For example, the marathons should probably come sooner rather than later in terms of my body. There are some around work and travel require some strategy. (Sidetone – but I’m thinking of using personal OKRs as a means to do this). Third, perhaps someone might see this and help me to achieve one. Who knows.

As much as anything, I want this list to act as somewhere to come back to when I want to prioritise or centre myself. As I try to slow down and say no more often; these are the big things to stride toward.



To do


  • Write a book
  • Be fully in control of my own time
  • Start my own company
  • Be part of a $1bn startup
  • Try angel investing


  • Mixed group ski holiday
  • Road Trip across the US in a school bus that I’ve converted into a fun bus
  • Go to a football World Cup
  • Go to significant national days/festivals in different countries/cities
    • Festival of Lights, Chiang Mai
    • Mardi Gras, New Orleans
    • Waterboarding, Guantanamo Bay
    • Songkran Water Fight, Thailand
    • Holi Festival, India
    • Boryeong Mud Party, South Korea
    • Octoberfest, Munich – Germany
    • Distortion Festival, Copenhagen – Denmark
    • La Tomatina, Valencia – Spain
    • Full moon party, Thailand
    • St Patricks Day, Ireland
    • Venice Carnival, Venice – Italy
    • Day of The Dead, Mexico
    • Carnival, Rio – Brazil
    • Bull Run, Spain
    • Tomorrowland, Belgium
    • Burning Man Festival,
    • Amsterdam Dance Event, Amsterdam – Netherlands
    • Secret Garden Party, UK


  • Build a boat and sail it
  • Build an out-house and host a games night in it (BBQ included)
  • Build a tree house for my kids and host a birthday party
  • Host a boxing day celebration with the families of 4 friends
  • Host a summer party/festival with all me friends, their families and live music
  • Scuba dive
  • Skydive
  • Go to meditation retreat
  • Eat at the top 10 restaurants in the world
  • Listen to he top 100 albums of all time (Rolling Stone)
  • Watch the top 100 films of all time (IMDB)
  • Read the top 100 books of all time (?)


  • Live in another country


  • Complete a marathon
  • Complete an ultra marathon
  • Complete a significant climb
  • Complete a long distance swim
  • Run the Great Wall of China


  • How to cook a specific cuisine really well
  • to Sail
  • a musical instrument
  • another language

Already complete


  • Get a role at a venture-backed startup (June, 2014)


  • Universal Studios, Florida (July, 2015)
  • Go to a football European Championships (June, 2016)
  • Go to significant national days/festivals in different countries/cities
    • Kingsday, Amsterdam – Netherlands (April 25th, 2017)


  • Live in another city (May, 2015)


  • Complete a Toughmudder (October, 2016)


  • Hannah Houston

    Hi Stevan, wow love your goals and aspirations, they truly inspire me to reach for more. I myself have hosted a boxing day event with the families of four friends and I tell you now it was life changing ! Roll on xmas 2017 !