Introducing “Notes On…”

I’ve introduced a new category on the website called “Notes On…”. Over time, I’ve found that often a particular idea that I may want to write about has been directly inspired by a video or post I have seen or read elsewhere. Furthermore, sometimes I appreciate a video or post so much that as well as sharing it on Twitter I want to shine a light on it on my blog.

“Notes On …” will be the format I use to capture and summarise these posts/videos and my initial thoughts in response to them. In the future, I hope when you click on this category you’ll see a vast collection of all the amazing content I’ve consumed and the notes and takeaways I’ve taken on them. This should act as a useful reference at some point. Thank me later, future-self.

This won’t mean that I stop producing original content as well. I often find that the “Notes On…” post helps solidify some of the thoughts in my mind (remember, I write to think) and these tend to germinate for a while before I home in on one or two of the key issues and go in deeper.

Here was the first “Notes on…” I published earlier this week:

Notes on … “Investing For Profit & Joy”, by Howard Lindzon

I also went back and changed these old posts to fit the new format:

Notes on… “Mobile Is Eating Everything”, by Ben Evans

Notes on… “Zero To One”, by Peter Thiel

Notes on… “The Lean Startup”, by Eric Ries