I am a commercially-minded software developer, with previous experience in sales and marketing at venture-backed tech startups.

As a kid, I enjoyed making and crafting things but with little exposure to technology or software, I created mostly with woodwork, art and model-making. As a teenager, I began to observe the impact that technology was having on the world around me. Later on, I began to teach myself the basics of HTML, CSS and some programming.

I started my career in sales, marketing and business development at YPlan and Deliveroo. Having gained valuable experience on the commercial side of software businesses, I decided I wanted learn how to create and build the software itself.

I studied the Web Development Immersive course at General Assembly in London, where I learned to build full-stack web applications.

I’m interested in building and launching software products. Recently, I’ve become enthused by the indie builder movement.

I work at companies building scalable software products. I enjoy working for smaller teams, where I can make and impact alongside colleagues who are able to support my personal development.

In my own time, I enjoy sport, reading and writing.

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A list of the values and principles that are important to me.


Books I've learned from and the notes I made.